BWAPI  4.2.0
An API for interacting with Starcraft: Broodwar (1.16.1)
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NBWAPIThe primary namespace for the BWAPI interface
 NBulletTypesNamespace containing bullet types
 NEnumEnumeration of bullet types
 NColorsNamespace containing known colors
 NCoordinateTypeContains the coordinate type enumeration for relative drawing positions.
 NDamageTypesNamespace containing damage types
 NEnumEnumeration of damage types
 NErrorsNamespace containing error codes
 NEnumEnumeration of Error types
 NEventTypeContains a list of event types supported by BWAPI.
 NExplosionTypesNamespace containing explosion types
 NEnumEnumeration of explosion types
 NFlagContains flag enumerations for BWAPI
 NGameTypesNamespace containing game types
 NEnumEnumeration of game types
 NLatencyContains enumeration of known latency values
 NOrdersNamespace containing unit orders
 NEnumEnumeration of unit orders
 NPlayerTypesNamespace containing player types (player controllers)
 NEnumEnumeration of player types (player controllers)
 NPositionsList of special Position constants.
 NRacesNamespace containing all valid races
 NEnumEnumeration of races
 NTechTypesNamespace containing tech types
 NEnumEnumeration of Tech Types
 NTextNamespace containing text formatting codes
 NSizeNamespace containing text sizes.
 NTilePositionsList of special TilePosition constants.
 NTournamentContains a list of interruptable actions that the tournament module can allow or deny
 NUnitCommandTypesNamespace containing unit command types
 NEnumEnumeration of valid unit command types
 NUnitSizeTypesNamespace containing unit size types
 NEnumEnumeration of unit size types
 NUnitTypesNamespace containing unit types
 NEnumEnumeration of unit types
 NUpgradeTypesNamespace of upgrade types.
 NEnumEnumeration of upgrade types.
 NWalkPositionsList of special WalkPosition constants.
 NWeaponTypesnamespace containing weapon types
 NEnumEnumeration of weapon types
 NstdSTL namespace