BWAPI  4.2.0
An API for interacting with Starcraft: Broodwar (1.16.1)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NBWAPIThe primary namespace for the BWAPI interface
 NBulletTypesNamespace containing bullet types
 NDamageTypesNamespace containing damage types
 NErrorsNamespace containing error codes
 NExplosionTypesNamespace containing explosion types
 NGameTypesNamespace containing game types
 NOrdersNamespace containing unit orders
 NPlayerTypesNamespace containing player types (player controllers)
 NRacesNamespace containing all valid races
 NTechTypesNamespace containing tech types
 NTextNamespace containing text formatting codes
 NUnitCommandTypesNamespace containing unit command types
 NUnitSizeTypesNamespace containing unit size types
 NUnitTypesNamespace containing unit types
 NUpgradeTypesNamespace of upgrade types.
 NWeaponTypesnamespace containing weapon types
 CAIModuleAIModule is a virtual class that is intended to be implemented or inherited by a custom AI class
 CBestFilterThe BestFilter is used to compare two objects with each other
 CBulletInterfaceAn interface object representing a bullet or missile spawned from an attack
 CBulletsetA container for a set of Bullet objects.
 CBulletTypeThis class represents a type of bullet
 CColorThe Color object is used in drawing routines to specify the color to use
 CCompareFilterThe CompareFilter is a container in which a stored function predicate returns a value
 CDamageTypeDamage types are used in Broodwar to determine the amount of damage that will be done to a unit
 CErrorThe Error object is generally used to determine why certain functions in BWAPI have failed
 CExplosionTypeA representation of a weapon's explosion type
 CForceInterfaceThe Force class is used to get information about each force in a match
 CForcesetA container that holds a group of Forces
 CGameThe abstract Game class is implemented by BWAPI and is the primary means of obtaining all game state information from Starcraft Broodwar
 CGameTypeA class that represents game types in Broodwar
 CGameWrapperBroodwar wrapper
 CInterfaceThis generalized class allows the application of features that are common to all interface classes
 COrderAn Order (Order type) represents a Unit's current action and can be retrieved with UnitInterface::getOrder
 CPlayerInterfaceThe Player represents a unique controller in the game
 CPlayersetA set containing Player objects.
 CPlayerTypeRepresents the type of controller for the player slot (i.e
 CPointThe Point class is a base class that implements convenience members and performs conversions for several different position scales
 CRaceThe Race object is used to get information about a particular race
 CRegionInterfaceRegion objects are created by Starcraft: Broodwar to contain several tiles with the same properties, and create a node in pathfinding and other algorithms
 CRegionsetA container that holds a set of Region objects.
 CSetContainerThis container is used to wrap convenience functions for BWAPI and be used as a bridge with a built-in set type
 CTechTypeThe TechType (or Technology Type, also referred to as an Ability) represents a Unit's ability which can be researched with UnitInterface::research or used with UnitInterface::useTech
 CTournamentModuleTournamentModule is a virtual class that is intended to be implemented or inherited by a custom Tournament class
 CTypeBase superclass for all BWAPI Types
 CUnaryFilterUnaryFilter allows for logical functor combinations
 CUnitCommandTypeA representation of a unit command in BWAPI
 CUnitInterfaceThe Unit class is used to get information about individual units as well as issue orders to units
 CUnitsetThe Unitset is a container for a set of pointers to Unit objects
 CUnitSizeTypeSize types are used by unit types in Broodwar to determine how much damage will be applied
 CUnitTypeThe UnitType is used to get information about a particular type of unit, such as its cost, build time, weapon, hit points, abilities, etc
 CUpgradeTypeThe upgrade type represents a passive upgrade that can be obtained with UnitInterface::upgrade
 CWeaponTypeThis object identifies a weapon type used by a unit to attack and deal damage