BWAPI  4.2.0
An API for interacting with Starcraft: Broodwar (1.16.1)
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BWAPI::Event Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Event ()=default
 Event (const Event &other)
 Event (Event &&other)
Player getPlayer () const
Position getPosition () const
const std::stringgetText () const
EventType::Enum getType () const
Unit getUnit () const
bool isWinner () const
Eventoperator= (const Event &other)
Eventoperator= (Event &&other)
bool operator== (const Event &other) const
EventsetPlayer (Player player)
EventsetPosition (Position position)
EventsetText (const char *text)
EventsetType (EventType::Enum type)
EventsetUnit (Unit unit)
EventsetWinner (bool isWinner)

Static Public Member Functions

static Event MatchEnd (bool isWinner)
static Event MatchFrame ()
static Event MatchStart ()
static Event MenuFrame ()
static Event NukeDetect (Position target)
static Event PlayerLeft (Player player)
static Event ReceiveText (Player player, const char *text=nullptr)
static Event SaveGame (const char *gameName=nullptr)
static Event SendText (const char *text=nullptr)
static Event UnitComplete (Unit unit)
static Event UnitCreate (Unit unit)
static Event UnitDestroy (Unit unit)
static Event UnitDiscover (Unit unit)
static Event UnitEvade (Unit unit)
static Event UnitHide (Unit unit)
static Event UnitMorph (Unit unit)
static Event UnitRenegade (Unit unit)
static Event UnitShow (Unit unit)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BWAPI::Event::Event () default
BWAPI::Event::Event (const Eventother)
BWAPI::Event::Event (Event && other)

Member Function Documentation

Event& BWAPI::Event::operator= (const Eventother)
Event& BWAPI::Event::operator= (Event && other)
bool BWAPI::Event::operator== (const Eventother) const
static Event BWAPI::Event::MatchStart () static
static Event BWAPI::Event::MatchEnd (bool isWinner) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::MatchFrame () static
static Event BWAPI::Event::MenuFrame () static
static Event BWAPI::Event::SendText (const char * text = nullptr) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::ReceiveText (Player player, const char * text = nullptr ) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::PlayerLeft (Player player) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::NukeDetect (Position target) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitDiscover (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitEvade (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitShow (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitHide (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitCreate (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitDestroy (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitMorph (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitRenegade (Unit unit) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::SaveGame (const char * gameName = nullptr) static
static Event BWAPI::Event::UnitComplete (Unit unit) static
EventType::Enum BWAPI::Event::getType () const
Position BWAPI::Event::getPosition () const
const std::string& BWAPI::Event::getText () const
Unit BWAPI::Event::getUnit () const
Player BWAPI::Event::getPlayer () const
bool BWAPI::Event::isWinner () const
Event& BWAPI::Event::setType (EventType::Enum type)
Event& BWAPI::Event::setPosition (Position position)
Event& BWAPI::Event::setText (const char * text)
Event& BWAPI::Event::setUnit (Unit unit)
Event& BWAPI::Event::setPlayer (Player player)
Event& BWAPI::Event::setWinner (bool isWinner)